Herpesed? Give These Herbal Remedies a Try

If there's one thing in life that we can't completely escape from, it's herpes. There are those who don't stay herpesed for too long.

For others, herpes is a constant thing. It isn't easy at all to try to sooth your nerves whenever you're under herpes. There are people who use medication as a way to calm their nerves. For others, herbal herpes remedies are the way to herpes natural cure go. They are definitely worth trying before you head to your doctor in hopes of getting a prescription. In this article, you'll read about some herbal herpes remedies http://kidshealth.org/teen/sexual_health/stds/std_herpes.html that can effectively help you calm down.

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One of the better natural and herbal remedies for herpes is peppermint. So if you're an avid mint tea drinker, they're actually already helping you relieve your herpes. Not only that, but peppermint works well if you've got an upset stomach or if you're having others aches or pains. An effective way of combating herpes is to drink a cup of peppermint tea nightly before bedtime. With this you can sleep a lot better because your herpes will be eased out.

Make sure your diet includes more oats. Got high cholesterol levels? Eating more oats will lower your cholesterol. You'll be able to lower your herpes levels too with the help of oats since oats are known for their soothing and calming properties. One of the best things about using oats to help reduce your herpes levels is that they are almost too easy to work into your diet. Moreover, oats are not expensive.

You can relieve your herpes with salt. While consuming it in mass quantities is bad for your internal health, applying it topically can be great for helping to reduce your anxiety. Try mixing half a cup each of salt and Epsom salt with 2 cups of baking soda. In the evenings, try soaking in bathwater that has 1/2 cup of this mixture. Your muscle tension will go away as well because of the hot water. The salts help reduce irritation on your skin and soothe your muscles at the same time.

It's usually a trial and error thing when you're looking for something to cure your herpes. You can't really be all too sure that the herpes cures that worked for your friend are going to work for you.

Just keep trying things until you find something that works for you.

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