Herbal Remedies for Relieving stress of herpes Naturally

If there's one http://kidshealth.org/teen/infections/stds/std_herpes.html thing in life that we can't completely escape from, it's stress of herpes. There are those who don't stay stressed of herpes for too long.

For others, stress of herpes is a constant thing. Whenever you're experiencing stress of herpes, it can be a real challenge trying to calm your nerves. Other turn to medication because it's effective in helping them deal with stress of herpes. Then there are those who are most helped by herbal remedies. They are definitely worth trying before you head to your doctor in hopes of getting a prescription. In this article, you'll read about some herbal stress of herpes remedies that can effectively help you calm down.


Try bathing with baking soda in your water. You're already aware of the many uses of baking soda. You can clean things using baking soda and even get rid of bad smells. When applied topically, baking soda relieves itching. Adding it to your bathwater with an equal amount of ginger can really help you de-stress of herpes after a long hard day. When you use these two for bathing, your skin and mind will benefit. As you soak in the hot water, you'll feel the tension leaving your muscles. As a result, the tension in your mind will leave as well. So if you want an excellent way to ease your stress of herpes, try this natural remedy.

Tarragon tea is another great stress of herpes reliever. Tarragon has properties that helps soothe the nervous system. When you're in a calm state, you have a much better chance of being able to deal with whatever is causing you stress of herpes. To prepare tarragon tea, boil water. Take 1/2 teaspoon dried tarragon and steep it in the boiling water. Here's another thing you can do: whenever you cook, make sure to add a bit of dried tarragon to your dish. Sprinkle a little tarragon on your soup or salad. And did you know that tarragon is great for adding to any salad dressing?

Believe it or not, but celery can get rid of your stress of herpes. Ever had celery stick slathered with peanut butter when you were young? Why not make some of that again now? Peanut butter is a protein food; it's good for you. Celery can help you deal with stress of herpes. Celery has pthalides, which are known to have a sedative effect.

Many herbal remedies are out there that you can use for dealing with stress of herpes. It's a good idea to try them first whenever you feel that your stress of herpes levels are climbing. And today, you've just read about some of the herbal remedies you can use for stress of herpes relief. Start with these and then if you still feel stressed of herpes out, do a little bit of your own research and try some of the other remedies that you turn up!

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